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Investors of the World in ART.

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THEISEN PATRIMOINE CONSEIL offers to private investors all over the world and in partnership with its partner MARCHAND D'ART Professional for more than forty years, to invest in Paintings of Masters of artists from the 16th to the 20th century and in Rare Stamps of the Years 1850.

The art market is a market disconnected from any other. Regardless of the situation, there are always buyers of art objects who are either connoisseurs, collectors or private investors looking for good investments.

Old art objects are safe values that run through all periods, gaining value if certain conditions are met :

  • The work of art is authenticated as original, unique if it is a painting and sometimes stamp.
  • The price of the painting or stamp is its actual value at the time of purchase.

To be certain of fulfilling these two basic conditions, my partner had the great intelligence of cataloging all the works he markets.

Whether it is a master painting or a single stamp, each piece is appraised by an approved expert, the authenticity of the painting or stamp is certified and the price at which it is currently sold.

Two separate catalogs can be consulted, one for the Master Paintings and the second for the Rare Stamps of the 1850s; they are available on request.

Why is TPC interested in art objects ?

Jean-Pierre THEISEN, a modest independent wealth management consultant, is not a specialist in art.

A wealth management consultant is a heritage generalist and as such, it must offer its clients solutions in several areas, including wealth diversification, tax exemption, capitalization, retirement, transmission.

Art in general has financial, tax, heritage and estate benefits that are very interesting.

How to invest in Table or Stamps ?

As a first step, it is important to identify several key points :

  • How much can you invest ?
  • Do you want this work to be kept by the gallery, a bank, customs or do you want to keep it at home ?

Catalog prices are exclusive of taxes. The VAT of each country is to be added if you wish to hold the work at home.


TPCCONSEIL BIARRITZ Gestion de Patrimoine et Investissements
Contacter TPCCONSEIL Biarritz



  1. Complete the contact card.
  2. To indicate in this sheet your objectives and the amount you want to invest. You can also expand your request.
  3. If you are in France, I contact you by phone and we move forward. If you are in another country, the exchanges are done by e.mail in French or in English.
  4. When you have seen the catalogs, when you will know who is the specialist partner in these two areas, etc ... And you want to INVESTIR, I will tell you how to do.


The investments proposed by TPCconseil are legal and the payments of the tables or stamps are made directly to the order of the professional salesman partner by bank transfer on his company account. The payments are secure and if the customer chooses to hold the work in his country and at home, a special insurance covers during the transport the values ​​paid by the customer.

NB :  The amount of VAT is the responsibility of the customer and is specific to each country.

The fees of TPCconseil are paid by the partner in the form of introducer of business without any impact on the prices indicated in the respective catalogs.


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